Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Upcoming tour info from Kasim


I'd love to say I've been hard at work on my record for the past few weeks.
Unfortunately, pressing family issues have taken precedence.
That being said, I'm back to work as I write this and I'm confident I'll have something finished very soon.

I'm about to start a new TR tour very soon and am looking forward to playing some Todd songs I haven't had the pleasure of doing in a long time.
This tour will be different in the sense that there will be three separate sets each night.
One Acoustic set sandwiched between two Electric sets.
Just what songs will be where is still a mystery to me.
I do know it will be exciting though.
The addition of John Ferenzick on Keyboards will be cool because Todd has a new warm body to pick on.
That tends to deflect the stink eye away from Prairie, Jesse and myself.

No solo shows until I have new songs to play!


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