Friday, July 1, 2011

Video: Kasims back stage pass episode 1.. 2011

upped by kasim


runnermargie said...

Thanks for posting the video "Kasim's back stage pass Episode 1". Looking forward to watching more!!

Signtopia said...

I have never been to the Rams Head in Annapolis, MD. yet I live close enough to drive from Baltimore. Every time Todd gets booked there the show has always been sold out rather quickly and it has been very frustrating for fans such as myself. This venue in Annapolis is smaller than my daughter's first floor of her home. I understand the desire for some to perform in an intimate setting but I think it would make sense to have at least booked the next night in Baltimore at the Rams Head downtown. Much larger venue. Furthermore, the outdoor area in front of the Rams Head in Baltimore has been upgraded and there is a stage. It would be wonderful if Todd was booked to perform there outdoors. Consider that he might even acquire new fans who otherwise might never be exposed to his music. I hope that whoever decides such things, makes plans for a stop in Baltimore later in the tour. Furthermore, I really cannot see how anyone made any money by booking the show in Annapolis.