Friday, August 5, 2011

Video: Fair Warning .......... EPTAE video

If you have never watched the full video of the ever popular tortured artist effect here is a small sample of this incredible video tape.


Anonymous said...

As I recall, 4 musicians were given a budget & asked to provide a feature for the new British TV
BBC 4 (?) David Bowie, Carlos Santana & I can't remember the 4TH
(ANYONE know ?). In any event I'll bet this was the most adventurous
of the lot. Worth multiple viewings
Even with some obtuse moments,this
is a Bio-Pic with depth & humor unlike any MTV has/will ever produce ~ From:Circle-H TO:H-Bomb

Anonymous said...

Love this song, vid, and the EPTAE!! =-)

Christine Bottaro said...

Love this song, vid, and EPTAE album!! =-)