Monday, October 17, 2011

closing in on 200,000 visitors to this blog.

Will you be the 200,000 visitor to You will win a T-shirt & Todd button from


DiscConnected said...

How do you know which one is number 200,000?

ma4utopia said...

I use that tracks each click on the site. I can tell what town/country and some other information on the site that will let me find out who is the 200,000 person. once i see what internet address it is i'll post the winners town and ask them to look up their IP address. ( simple to do)

DiscConnected said...

Interesting...I do not play around with the blogger tools as much as I would like...too little time.

I was hoping that the Utopia reunion would have a Vegas show...I just cannot get out east over the next few weeks.

Enjoy, and thanks for maintaining this blog!


Subji said...

Does this work if U log in with iPhone?
Do bells & whistles go off when the magical # iz reached?

Lesley Yogeshwari Vonderheide said...