Thursday, October 27, 2011

Video: Occupy Wall Street Theme song. ?????


beaubodor said...

Shame that by posting this & tweeting this with the @toddrundgren handle, you are giving the impression that Todd has aligned himself with Wall Street, the mega-wealthy & tax dodgers by smearing all protestors as workshy.

I couldn't be more disappointed if this is Todd's view.

Anonymous said...

I agree with beaubodor. I really doubt that Todd would consider the OWS folks to be lazy layabouts who don't want to work.

In fact, they do want to work. There just aren't enough jobs for them. And a lot of them go to work, and only come in their spare time.

There are lazy layabouts in all walks of life. The OWS protesters are no lazier than anyone else, on average. Arguably, they're less lazy then most of us.

DiscConnected said...

While I disagree with their sentiment, I applaud anything that gets Americans up off their video-game-playing American-Idol-watching behinds. It almost gives me hope for the future of this country. Almost.

The trouble with the idea of wealth distribution is that everyone thinks it will be redistributed from the Bill Gates of the world to everyone else.

If you look at history, it never seems to work out that way.

Anonymous said...

The reason there is no jobs is because the folks like these ones, voted Obama into office.