Thursday, December 1, 2011

WTF ? Todd Rundgren Plans His Own Tribute Act

Todd Rundgren - Todd Rundgren Plans His Own Tribute Act
01 December 2011 12:06

Veteran rocker Todd Rundgren is planning to launch his own tribute band so he can retire from touring after almost 45 years on the road.

The songwriter/producer began his career with Nazz in 1967 before going solo two years later.

He is still regularly touring and recording at the age of 63, but admits the rigours of life on the road are wearing him down - and he's considering finding an impersonator to take his place at concerts.

Rundgren tells Mojo magazine, "I'm 63 years old and there's a limit to what I can do physically. So I'm thinking ahead: how can I alter what I do in order to accommodate that without compromising any of it?

"The hardest part of it now is the travelling - it's getting to the gig. So I'm thinking about starting my own tribute bands. They can go out to work."


Anonymous said...

Well, the easy answer is to travel to Todd. Let's all go to Kauai !

Cinthesize from leucadia said...

We will come to u Todd no one can fill ur gold shoes !

Phil Donaldson said...

I want to be in the band that performs "AWATS", "Todd", "Faithful" (side two) and the soul-tinged stuff.

Though, in this day and age, I don't understand why Todd doesn't just do live, interactive TV concerts from his home? The technology is definitely there now.

Anonymous said...

If he didn't live so far away it wouldn't be so hard (or expensive). It was easier when he lived here.

But perhaps he just means touring with a band is too hard and takes too much $, physical and mental energy and organization.

If he did a solo show and played a few nights in one place at a time it wouldn't be so grueling as jumping back and forth and all the other stuff that goes with it.

No tribute band could ever replace Todd. He's unique. Accept no imitations.

Anonymous said...

Because TR has been so busy, he didn't get the memo:

Retirement age has been pushed out to 80. (It's the economy.)
Also, all singer/song-writers from the sixties have yet another cause to occupy, (it's the same cause as before) only this time, steel strings are MANDATORY because we're all pissed!

Sincerely underwater,