Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hermits of Mink Halloween In NYC

RR Presents Hermits of Mink Halloween in NYC
Hermits of Mink Halloween in concert at the R-Bar in NYC (Manhattan) following a Todd Rundgren concert the night before at the City Winery in NYC. See real Todd and Faux Todd all in the same weekend! Just like at IKRON 2011, Heartsville will be doing background vocals. Limited capacity of only 100.

Everyone who purchases a ticket/admission in January 2012 is entered into a "Name Your Song Plus Swag" contest! Tickets here are $20 + $1.50 convenience fee (and .50 cent per order if you want a collector's item hard ticket(s) mailed to you). Admission at the door will be $25 day of show assuming we have any left. Hard tickets are only available through internet orders.

Contest details = Random drawing. Winner gets to pick a song of their choice to be added to the setlist! The song can be from any of Todd's solo work or his bands i.e. TRU, Utopia, The New Cars, Nazz. Certain restrictions apply i.e. no Treatise :-). The winner will also receive a grab bag of John Powhida swag and some TR swag as well!

Hermits of Mink Halloween In NYC
Saturday, March 03, 2012 at 7:30 PM
218 Bowery St.
Manhattan, NY 10012
Phone: (205) 862-1972

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