Wednesday, February 29, 2012

download : Nearly Human Tour Rehearsals

Todd Rundgren
Hun Sound
San Rafael, CA
July 1989

Nearly Human Tour Rehearsals

01 The Want Of A Nail (aborted)
02 I Love My Life (partial)
03 Lost Horizon > Marvin Gaye Medley (up to Mercy Mercy Me)
04 Real Man
05 Unloved Children
06 Secret Society >
07 Something To Fall Back On
08 Hawking
09 The Want Of A Nail (cuts in slightly)
10 Hello It's Me
11 I Love My Life

Soundboard recording

This set came into circulation several years ago with the other
great soundboard recordings form the Nearly Human and Second
Wind tours. What we have here is the band working out arrangements
and running through songs for the upcoming Nearly Human tour.
Some of these tunes are incomplete as the band works through
specific sections of a song. There is some chatter from Todd
and other band members scattered through out. It's a very cool glimpse
behind the scenes as the band works to get the set ready to take out
on the road. Enjoy.

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