Thursday, February 2, 2012

Listen To Todd Rundgren's Remix of Lindstrom's 'Quiet Place to Live"

click on this link below to find the remix of the song.

By Rolling Stone
February 2, 2012 4:00 PM ET

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Norwegian producer Hans-Peter Lindstrøm has created remixes of songs by countless artists, including LCD Soundsystem, Best Coast and Roxy Music. But the tables were recently turned on him when Todd Rundgren agreed to remix Lindstrøm's original track "Quiet Place To Live." "When speaking about possible remixers for the album with friend & partner in crime Prins Thomas, he suggested that I rather ask anybody special instead of the usual suspects," Lindstrøm says.

"When suggesting Todd Rundgren, I told him: 'Yeah that would have been awesome!,' but I THOUGHT that it was never gonna happen. However, when mentioning it to Joakim from smalltown, he told me that he was gonna give it a shot, since he already knew his management," Lindstrøm says. "Less than a week after, he agreed upon doing a remix of 'Quiet Place To Live' from my new album. I'm not aware of any other remixes he's done before, in which case this feels really special as Todd Rundgren's music has been inspiring me a lot over the years."

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Cinthesize said...

Ok I am a certifiable Todd junkie. I was in a meeting when I saw your tweet light up my iPhone and had to excuse myself to go listen to the remix. Minutes later with heart still pounding from the beat I returned with a Cheshire cat grin ;) thank u