Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Scoops from the RundgrenRadio show

Scoop and secrets from tonight's RR show!

Secrets = something big will be announced tomorrow at Toddstore.com. We still don't know exactly what Todd is doing that kept him from doing the Agora shows but will within 2 weeks. Scoop: Unpredictable shows are Kasim, Jesse, and Todd only. The City Winery will be the only in the series. One of the shows will be filmed and shown via webcast about 5 days after the show. Todd & Ethel will do one of their shows in Ohio somewhere. Shaun Cassidy wants Todd to do the music for one of his future TV shows. Todd will be doing another song with Lindstrom from Norway but not a remix -- the actual song. A new "bootleg" CD will be out soon from the folks that did the "Lack Of Honest Work" CD Box set. Forgot the show but Eric mentioned it. Todd might do some more "Best Of" type concerts like he did last year. No Todd+Daryl shows this year but maybe next year. Todd album live DVD is VERY different from the webcast we all watched.

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