Saturday, March 31, 2012

Free Creek: Cissy Strut

Music From Free Creek is an album from a series of 1969 "super session" recordings by Free Creek, a group composed of a number of internationally renowned musical artists of the time, including Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Keith Emerson, Harvey Mandel, Mitch Mitchell and Linda Ronstadt."Music From Free Creek is a super session album, where the musicians are playing for the fun of it, and that comes across.The material doesn't get bogged down in 'names'; it just flows.
The Jeff Beck ("A.N. Other") Session:
Cissy Strut (A. Neville, L. Nocenville, G. Porter and J. Modeliste)
Lead Guitars - Jeff Beck (1st solo, as "A.N. Other"), Todd Rundgren (2nd solo)
Organ - Moogy Klingman
Bass - Stu Woods
Drums - Roy Markowitz
The Free Creek Horns are:
*Lew Delgatto
*Bobby Keller
*Meco Monardo
*Tom Malone
*Lew Soloff
*Alan Rubin
*Bill Chase

3 comments: said...

So funny I have this album !!
I have not had it out in years, If I remember correctly it the only song on the album Todd is on.
Love the pic from Cental Park over there >>>> I have the button and the Tee shirt !!!

Anonymous said...

Are you certin about the date of recording being 1969 ? Seems a bit later & I never heard of it till after "WIZARD" came out.
Still a fun item to air-out once in a while. Thanks 4-da memory.

JahSun said...

Recorded in 1969, but not released until 1973 on a 2 LP offering from Charisma. Todd plays the second solo in this song. It is not his only appearance on the album, he's on at least one other track.