Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Interview: Still a Wizard, a True Star: A Conversation With Todd Rundgren

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A Conversation With Todd Rundgren
Mike Ragogna: Hi, Todd. First, let's get into your new release, Todd, a live DVD/CD culled together from your 2010 performances. These were culled from six dates?
Todd Rundgren: Yeah, I've been doing these tributes. I didn't do one this last year, but the previous two years, I did. Essentially, they're recreations of classic albums of mine that have never really been performed in their entirety before. So, this is, you could say, Volume Two, Part One, because we actually did two Todd albums.
MR: So this is an ongoing thing, you're revisiting your albums "live" for a while longer?
TR: Well, it's not ongoing, because this past year in 2011, I refused to do one. I don't want to get stuck just recreating old stuff. It's important for me to write and to come up with new sorts of work, that's the reason why I felt like I wanted to take a year off from it. I didn't want to constantly be possessed with recreating old stuff, and aside from that, as you mentioned, we did about six shows. But it takes months to prepare these things. You know, we're trying to recreate a record that's maybe four decades old. I have to go back and find the original master tapes and deconstruct everything so everyone knows what parts to play and that sort of thing. It's a lot of work for just a very few dates. That's why the documentary DVD is important. We don't do this very often.

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