Monday, September 17, 2012

Karen Carpenter holding Ballad of Todd Rundgren LP


Anonymous said...

I didn't know Ballad had a gatefold sleeve. What was on the inside?

Anonymous said...

Clearly a 'younger fan' might've missed the Lp version of The Ballad.
Inner layout was black w. white lettering for lyrics & each song having a B&W photo related to it. Notes on instrumentation & players.
Guess who did the artwork ?
As for Karen & Richard...geez this was no accidental shot. They seem to be acknowledging their approval of this album & artist. Now I will re-imagine the tracks with Carpenters vocals...Some kudda ben Big HITS for them THEN.
Was SUPERSTAR really about E.C. ??
from: Circle-H to : the H-Bomb

David Jones said...

Who chose the photos? Why, Sparks' Ron Mael, who (along with his brother) Todd was producing at the time.

I cheated- I looked at my copy of the LP...

Anonymous said...

Must say, A really BANG-IN photo.
Siblings seem comfortable in their loafers. RAM & scores of other Lp.s rest while "The Ballad" gets
all the attention. This is a true
classic timepiece. I once saw a picture of Todd with Van Halen & another with Grace Slick. In each instance the subjects looked very pleased to be in TR's company.Any-
one able to send those to ARENA blog ??? Greendale wants to know.