Friday, October 5, 2012

LIVE DOWNLOAD: power trio. One of my own recordings ENJOY !!!

2000-06-23 'Power Trio' Westbury Long Island NY
Todd Rundgren
Power Trio
Westbury Music Fair
Westbury Long Island NY
June 23 2000

Audience (Mike Adrian- Dat/Audio Tech 802 Mic)

Me & Jeff had generally noticed that we haven't offered any Power trio 2000 Tour up as of yet. So I thought I might offer/plagerize my buddy Mike
(ma4utopia and @ ) here on his wonderful 'manufacturization' (which has been 'boot blogspotted' all over the Internet without
giving him all the applause for that matter) here. It's just plain ESSENTIAL if you do not have it yet. THANK YOU MIKE ON THIS SPECIMEN! Excellent audience recording.

Disc One:
01 I Hate My Frickin' ISP
02 Couldn’t I Just Tell You
03 Love Of The Common Man
04 Black And White
05 Fix Your Gaze
06 Love In Action
07 There Goes My Inspiration
08 Yer Fast
09 Secret Society
10 Cliché
11 Bang On The Uke’ Daily
12 #1 Lowest Common Denominator
13 Trapped

Disc Two:
01 Ikon
02 Open My Eyes
03 Temporary Sanity
04 Buffalo Grass
05 One World
06 Hammer In My Heart
07 The Surf Talks
08 Worldwide Epiphany


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