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Video: Another Life - Todd Rundgren & Metropole Orkest, Paradiso 2012

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Turn it LOUD with your headphone cranked up. Sound © NTR.
Another Life - Todd Rundgren & Metropole Orkest conducted by Steve Sidwell, song arrangement by Tom Trapp. Mathilde Santing, Wouter Penris & Mariske Hekkenberg - vocals. Paradiso Amsterdam, november 11 2012
Another Life composed by Todd Rundgren & Ralph Schuckett. From the album Todd Rundgren's Utopia Another Live, released october 1975.

Nobody would have ever though that this song would be performed.
To be honest... poor sound of the vocals at our spot, so I did an audio hijack from the live NTR broadcast. TR&MO made possible by Co de Kloet.

Well, I could be wrong
But I swear that I knew you
In another life

And I could be dreaming but I swear
That I knew you in another life

Something happened just the other night;
I had a vision in the middle of a daydream
In a place I'd never been before
I couldn't tell if I was still awake or sleeping

I saw so many things I barely recognized
I thought that I was lost but then I saw you
I could be wrong, but I swear
That I knew you in another life
And I could be dreaming, but I swear
That I knew you in another life

Certain things affect me certain ways
And this isn't just the first time
That it's crossed my mind

Something happens and the crystal clears
And you begin to recognize all of the little signs
I wish that I could place every little gesture
But it really doesn't matter 'cause we'll never know

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Anonymous said...

WOW!! Thank you for posting Another Life! What a tremendous performance.