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We want to help Michele Rundgren get an aquarium bar for her restaurant Tiki Iniki (opening in late March in Kauai, HI)!

What's so important about getting this aquarium bar that made RR want to get involved? We can answer that question for you - - - if Michele gets this aquarium bar it will likely be featured on the National Geographic show, FISH TANK KINGS! Getting that much TV time would be huge for her restaurant and Todd would be on the show as well perhaps even performing some of his wonderful music.

Crowdsourcing is a new popular way to get groups of people to pitch in to help others reach their goals. Crowdsourcing is different than collecting donations because the people that participate get something in return. is the most popular site for crowdsourcing if you want to see what it's all about. We created our own website for this project to keep from having to pay the fees associated with using a site like Kickstarter.

Let us reiterate, people that participate get something in return. This is not a charity or a donation type thing - it's your chance to buy something unique you might be interested in and helping Michele get the aquarium in the process. If you don't like any of the items for sale then you don't have to buy anything of course - like any store it's free to look around. We put together a team of fans to get some ideas of things people might want and that's how most of the items were created. Michele also pitched in some ideas after accepting our request to let us try this crowdsourcing project.

Michele played an integral part of getting Rundgren Radio off the ground and without her we never would have made it. This crowdsourcing deal is was something we wanted to do to give something back to Michele. We hope you like some of the items being offered.

Visit this website for more information ...

We also shared more details on a show last night and Michele was our special guest. We discussed some other topics and received a surprise call from Lion Keezer, the creator of the first ever multi-camera concert video created and published on the internet that was entirely shot by the audience. The video we are talking about happens to be the Todd Rundgren and the Metropole Orchestra concert from 2011. He has now uploaded the recent 2012 concert featuring Todd and the Metropole Orchestra. The links were provided during the RR show or you can find them with a quick search on

Here's the link for last night's RR show archive ...

  • New album out on April 9th of this year! The album will be titled, "State".
  • Todd & Ethel have two more shows booked together. April 2 in Evanston, IL and April 6 in Park City, Utah. The shows start with a set from Ethel, followed by a Todd solo set, and then the they all perform together. We highly recommend attending one of these shows if you can make it. For more details please visit the TODD ON TOUR page.


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