Monday, April 8, 2013

Big LABOR DAY announcement coming today

Do not buy flights to Akron yet please. Snag could cause some changes. BDAY BASH will happen but might be changed a bit from the earlier scoop. Bad news/good news depending on how you look at it :-).
The event will be in Akron, OH!
This will be our 5th Todd gig at the gorgeous and wonderful Akron Civic Theatre. We are making one major change though ...

We will NOT be staying at the Akron City Center Hotel formerly known as the Akron City Centre Hotel and also formerly known as Ramada Plaza. We loved the convenience just like you did but considering we are only going to the ACC one night we can do the bus thing and get a much better hotel. We did look into the Akron City Center Hotel and it did not go over very well. The people that adored us are all gone. None of our contacts are left and the new people in charge are complete imbeciles. In other words, it's not the same hotel we enjoyed in the past. Not even close. We were struggling with the idea of just sucking it up but online reviews confirmed what we were suspecting:

BRUTAL. You're welcome to still stay there but the action and fun will be somewhere else. With all that being said, an RR newsletter will go out later today with the hotel info and the passcode to get our group rate of $89 a night which is a steal for this hotel. We grabbed 150 rooms and if for some reason they all get claimed there are 2 hotels within walking distance we can send people to so they can still be part of the festivities. Don't panic if you think you can't get a room! You will get a room and 150 will take a while to sell most likely. I hope not, but 150 is a tall order. This hotel has all the things we feel like we need including a place to party all night for you folks that want to stay up late without some condescending rent a cops bothering you. Another change ... Party will be on FRIDAY and the concert will be on SATURDAY this year. You'll have all day to go home Sunday and hopefully be off for Labor Day on Monday so you can rest up. That is all for now. The rest of the scoop will be given on Tuesday night and you are going to like it! Some of it you might have an idea on the gig and you may be in the ballpark but I will guarantee you some shockers - guaranteed I tell ya! In closing, we are thrilled to be going back to Akron for another Labor Day weekend extravaganza! And yes, there will be lots of cake! Year 6 Birthday Bash 4 coming soon!

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Anonymous said...

Todd's CD was released today and THIS is all the news you have?

Poor Todd!