Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Super fan and Journalist Chris Epting's.... Music The Radio Show..

Feel free to "like" my new radio show - Todd interview will be featured in a few weeks :)

"music" is a thirty minute radio show produced and hosted each week by music journalist and author chris epting for The show takes the listener backstage, on stage and on the record with some of music's most compelling artists from all genres of the spectrum - classic rock, metal,...

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nodancetopia said...

Unfortunately, the State tour just might be Todd's worst show...EVER? Canned music, tons of mistakes, "Foamy the Guitar" messing up as usual,fans leaving early, THE WORST ENCORE in Todd's history! Guess what? I Love Todd...but I must be honest. Leaving the show we saw Jesse and we were polite and said "nice show", and he said "Glad you didn't hate it!" Are they getting the drift that people are not liking this tour? ATROCIOUS versions of Hello It's Me, Can We Still Be Friends, and I Saw The Light! Long time fans looked utterly confused as Todd embraced this dying EDM genre. Sorry, just being honest. I'm sure TR will dazzle us once again with his next project...Godd,I Hope!