Sunday, May 12, 2013

VOD and tonights show at the Paramount Theater Huntington LI NY

The Paramount Theater is an incredible Venue for shows.   The staff is attentive and polite. I have to give a shout out To Ryan for helping me out tonight. You the man. Thank you.

Todd did a great job keeping his energy going.  This new material seemed to surprise a lot of the attendees. Most not expecting mostly all new material.  Old fans that don't follow Todd's career seemed to be disappointed with a mostly electronic show.  I have never witnessed  the amount of fans leaving the show early like i did tonight. I think that was due to them expecting a totally different type of show.

The show was tight and entertaining. The VOD was broadcast in the theater at the same time as the internet. I was seated right behind the sound board and video console. The VOD looked like an incredible presentation. 


Anonymous said...

I was so looking forward to see Todd for the first time and left being so disappointed. The techno crap was off the hook - every song, every song. Todd showed no respect for his old fans - I would have preferred to have seen him acoustic. I just read his blog and he is quoted as saying "They (Tame Impala) were so interested in what I used to do that I started to think I should be more interested in what I used to do as well."
So what happened last night? I guess he lost interest again in what he use to do. Shame.

J.A. Scott said...

This show was clearly advertised as promoting "State," and to expect a bunch of oldies was not, in my opinion, realistic. Because of this, I bought the new album - the double CD with the Metropole Orch. show - and listened to it so as to be at least somewhat familiar with it for this show.

I saw the live show last week at Infinity Hall in Norfolk, CT, and also watched the webcast last night. There was quite a difference - the venue where I saw the live show is maybe 1/2-1/3 the size of last night's venue and, I think, too small for this production. I was seated in the mezzanine, as the floor seats had been removed for dancing, although I saw little actual dancing (perhaps because most of the audience was over 50?) At times I found it difficult to hear Todd's voice over the electronic music/accompaniment. But I think the idea was for it to be really loud, to dance to.

In a way, the webcast was easier for us to enjoy, as we could hear Todd's voice much better - if anything, the electronic accompaniment actually could have been a bit louder (also, no lights flashing in our eyes, which took some getting used to at the live show). Then again, the VOD performance was done with a seated audience, which made us wonder if the sound mix in the theatre was the same as the webcast sound - i.e., since the people were seated and not able to dance, was the mix at the theater actually more tame (or less "loud") than what we heard live? ALso, was the mix different for the VOD than in the live performance?

In any case, may I recomnend that you give Todd another chance, as he will be touring with his "An Evening With" show later this summer. The set list for this show (if it's the same show I saw last fall) is a selection of songs representing what an all-request show would be - if Todd took requests.

greydad said...

Am in eager anticipation of Todd's Official State Visit to the UK...I hope those fans who go to the shows here are prepared to embrace the stuff he'l be playing...his last couple of tours here (Arena in 2008, and a 'greatest hits' type show more recently) have more than satisfied the 'classic' Todd it's time to enjoy his ability to present something more adventurous and I for one applaud his determination to avoid becoming too predictable. Great to be able to whet my appetite for the tour with the videos provided on this excellent platform...many thanks to all concerned!

Anonymous said...

@ Anon: I know what you mean--but maybe he'll do one of those as well. I don't think he's stopping anytime soon.

In the meantime, I saw some seating for those with too many health issues to dance but it wasn't as though you had to break dance or do a big routine or something; the point was to kind of party and feel free to wave your arms about or something. If you don't want to do that. don't go, or if you want to sit the whole time and watch a choreographed dance number go see Beyonce.

Anonymous said...

To Chris Andersen: your mix and video was awesome -- this must have been a terrifically difficult show to shoot. I know you have been working with TR since Utopia Video days and before and it shows; you really know what you're doing and especially in presenting Todd as an artist. Having seen some HORRIBLE mixes of shows in the past by other people, this was a real pleasure to listen to. You rock!