Thursday, June 27, 2013

Rare Todd and Bebe era of photos


No Dancetopia said...

Incredible, rare photos,...thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

I do recall leafing through a Hall
& Oats paperback book prior to their real rise to fame. Wish I had
purchesed it but it only had 1 or 2
images of H & O singing back-up vocals for Todd (outdoors/daylight)
At that point that was a big deal to the up & coming H & O author &
There are surely some rareities among the Todd & Bebe ERA photos
*Thanks from from Greendale*

Anonymous said...

Photo 14 should credit Daryl Hall to TR's left. Picture w. Derringers
Can't be 1975 since the colored hair was gone before that time (?)
Even the odd-er shots have historic
perspective that is entertaining.
Who has the BIG book by Sca-vu-lo
with a RARE image of Todd ? RR

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous couple! Really a deep soul connection there. Too bad it didn't work out. Todd did a very gallant thing for her.

I am really glad that Liv turned out so lovely and that she still has both of them in her life.

L. Queenies said...

Thanks for tis!! It's wonderful!
Haha, the photos with blue background come from our Bebe Buell Site (http// We are so glad you've loved them and enjoyed them!!
We will link our blog to our website, ok? ;)
Take care

Little Queenies

Anonymous said...

Hey, Mike, there is another photo that I use to have at that Carlos and Charlie's party where Bebe is making Daryl Hall laugh. It was out of a magazine and I have never seen it again posted since. Do you have that one? I gave my whole collection to Todd's mom years ago. Wish I would of kept some of it.

Kari Ella Wren said...

The Carlos & Charlies photos, which were taken at the party after Todd's show at the Santa Monica Civic were not in June, but in April, April 7th I think. (I was there!)

Anonymous said...

I believe the guy on Bebe's right in photo 30 is John Oates.