Thursday, September 19, 2013

RIP David Mason


Anonymous said...

A fine member of a truly groundbreaking band. Thank you, Mr. Mason, for your great contribution.

Anonymous said...

It would be good to know more of the story of the man. As a writer,
musician & performer he brought wonder & inspiration. To have co-
written the Utopia Theme is mot all
his talents presented.
It seems he was on Rundgren Radio
(I caught wind of that). I'm going to check the archive's.
Thank You Dave. Circle-H

Anonymous said...

David Mason would be remembered for co-writting credit with Rundgren (No Common/simple feat).
Perhaps his friends ^ family have stories &/or photos to share with this Todd archive/blog ?
Now is the time to gather things for the future generations who discover such remarkable work.
Regards, Greendale

Anonymous said...

I am David's son.
I would be very happy to share anything personal/professional about my dad who I loved very much.

His girlfriend of over 20 years died and he was heartbroken and had a heart attack afterwards.

Most memories I have of him are very very tragic mostly because of his hard drug use and lack of success. First memory (involves drugs)is doing lots of cocaine with him when he came home from touring at three years old in 1976. Last visit (involved drugs) was him swallowing a handful of my pennies thinking it was his pills!

His only gold record was from Joe Walsh live album "you can't argue with a sick mind" <<<(it is true!)

The gold record has been sitting at a lawyer's home "on loan" for over 30 years over a petty $500 dollar coke deal my dad had with him.

This lawyer gave me many promises since I was a kid about giving it back. Tried one last time recently a month ago to get it back with no luck.

I have over 200 of dad's private songs never released some very futuristic sounds like utopia! He did an album in 1980 called "poverty" in a band he called "the billionaires" and it was a curse.

The other songs are good but just too synthy, he would always want to do all the instruments himself with keyboards.. even arranged right it could not help to sound like casio appregio. He was better collaborating with other musicians with the real instruments and complimenting others unlike just himself midi or digitally power everything.

One song I always really liked was called "candy hearts".
"candy hearts - buy them on the corner - candy hearts get them any color..."
Used to sing it all the time as a kid and just recently figured out it was about prostitutes!

Anonymous said...

I found a scrawled piece of paper near his bedside that said "I will rock'n'roll until my grave"

Anonymous said...

His girlfriend's family stole all his money he had in her bank account after she died.

That is probably what really caused his heart attack.

He was in a freezer for over a month before I could get a loan for his cremation.

Anonymous said...

I met David a few times through friends in Gainesville. He was quiet, but always very nice to me. It is sad that so many of your memories of him involved drugs.. addiction is a hell of a thing, and is just as hard on family and friends as it is on those addicted. I found a great video of David on YouTube playing keyboards with Joe Walsh and others on a cover of The Beatles "Get Back". He was awesome keyboard player! My condolences to you and your family.. Rip David Mason

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