Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Video: 4 hr documentary chronicling the life of Todd Rundgren

part 1 of 4

TODD is a 4 hour documentary edited, produced & directed by musician and artist JSK (aka Jason Stuart Kamasz) chronicling the life of Todd Rundgren. The film is an entirely home-made project and is a non-profit work. The film is narrated by Todd himself having utilized audio from interviews spanning 40 years. I hope you enjoy it. Regards JSK
Parts 2, 3 & 4 will be made available in weekly uploads.
Part 2 September 17th
Part 3 September 24th
Part 4 October 1st


Andy's Records Aberystwyth said...

Oh I am ALL OVER this. That's my evening's entertainment sorted.

Unknown said...

agree Andy!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Great stuff !!!!

Anonymous said...

Toddrific! 5 gold stars from down under

Benet Rockfloyd said...

Great!!!! I really love his music. Take it and post it in my blog (www.rockfloyd.com).


Anonymous said...

Well Done. I am familiar w. all the clips, audio & video so far. Still to see it all so nicely put
together is great.
When attempting to 'Hip' someone to
TR it's not reasonable to think they'd start w. Nazz & study each
Lp to learn the entire catalog...
This first hour is a wonderful
way to enjoy the overview as if it were on the history channel...
Tune others into Todd w. THIS.
ThankYou & anxious for the next 3
segments.Regards from Greendale

Milan Petrovich said...

This was awesome great job.Todd thanks for doing what you love and letting us watch