Saturday, October 19, 2013

Update on Room statis for the NYE show

My deepest apologies but I have bad news and good news! Bad news is we will be moving from the current hotel. That's the good news too lol. Downtown is not the place to be for BB Kings. We were 99% sure at one point the gig was going to be somewhere else and something was telling us it didn't feel right so we rolled the dice and called BB Kings despite the fact this is not the normal kind of gig they do on a regular basis. We are thrilled about our good luck and any inconvenience of moving closer will be well worth it.

So, don't panic you will get a room. Working on a place with a shipload of rooms. You can cancel your Crowne room now if you like or wait if you want. We probably won't be moving to the other Crowne since there are better options. Unfortunately, we probably can't post anything until Monday but be assured getting a room at the group hotel will NOT be a problem whatsoever.

Wait for it ... wait ....


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