Thursday, December 12, 2013

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Anonymous said...

I realise that 90% of the audience for this was unlikely to have been born in `73 but the 21st century remake is just grotesque. Sorry, but the 60-plus aged Todd should never have attempted what the 25 year old could pull off naturally. Times had changed (indisputably for the worse) and this just underlines that tragic fact. Wizard was a product of another era. Sorry, kids, you missed it.

Anonymous said...

Brave, anonymous words from the internet. Way to go.

Anonymous said...

I`d happily have left my name if I thought you`d recognize it, but you`re still free to remonstrate which you - anonymously - did not do.
I liked Wizard at the time and a lot of it`s still good, but the 21st century live show still strikes me as being, well...grotesque.
BTW, I saw the State show at the Gramercy in NYC and enjoyed it...even if it was a tad impersonal.

Steve Finnell said...


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Anonymous said...

Ok well St. Paul is a hard act to follow. Getting back on the subject, I do happen to agree with the poster who said the best version of this is still the original album. I did not hear it during the 70s, in fact not until the late 80s, and it was amazing even then. If that recording suffered from anything it was lack of room for enough grooves to accommodate the production and length. I've seen old videos of Todd doing most of this show live (and for those who think he's making fun of Hello It's Me NOW, he did it back then too)and it really stood on the music alone back then, though his crazy outfits were a plus; he was tall and skinny and could wear anything then. Probably the old Midnight Special was the first anybody saw what he looked like at all. People made up their own movies in their heads in those days and didn't have MTV spelling it out, acting it out, or interviewing the songwriter about just what exactly did they mean? This led to a freedom of thought on the part of the listener that must have been very enjoyable and was missing from the later production. It did also feel distanced because Todd's always liked to jump in the audience and this was more like a made for tv show you just looked at. Because I loved the music I sat through the show but it kind of went against the mental picture I'd had of how it was made originally. Too structured. NOT rock. The interesting thing is very few of the young bands inspired by this music have ever seen this stage show, they just heard the old album. That was all they needed to be inspired.

Anonymous said...

It wasn`t just that the album sufficed; the live show was (necessarily) stripped-down: Todd and his tapes played through the venues` sound system. Yes! Music Minus One(for those ancient enough to remember that).
The presentation was Todd running around doing Wizard material with an interlude at the piano for some S/A stuff.
After all THAT, an intermission, followed by the full first Utopia album and then-new material from the Todd album.
All of this, of course, exceeded three hours. Those were the days.
The State presentation at the Gramercy must have clocked in at between 70 and 80 minutes.
As I pointed out above, times have changed...and all of us are older. Some much older than others.