Friday, January 3, 2014

Video: New Years Eve 2013 at BB King's Club in Orlando Florida

Todd Rundgren, New Years Eve 2013 at BB King's Club in Orlando Florida...set openers REAL MAN and LOVE OF THE COMMON MAN. The band is Kasim Sulton (bass), Jesse Gress (guitar), Gregg Bendian (drums) and John Ferenzik (keyboards).

Performance sponsored by and hundreds of global Todd fans.


DiscConnected said...

I was lucky enough to make the 2008 NYE show in Philly.

This looks like it would have been fun.

I am jealous, all you lucky attendees!


Anonymous said...

Great video!!! Thanks for letting me see what I missed.

I grew up in Chicago where Todd used to play the Park West on NYE for many,many years so this is a treat to see him again, even if not in person.

Nice to see all of my Todd friends have such a fantastic welcome to the New Year!


John Hancotte said...

Thanks for that! In a bit of a Todd mood lately - recently got cd's of the Oblivion tour at Park West as well as Hammersmith Odeon '75 Also enjoying State and the bonus concert disk. Todd's voice is in great shape here, hitting that G# at the beginning of LOTCM with great clarity. A choice band with Kaz & Jesse, to be sure. Happy 2014!

Anonymous said...

This show kicked ass! Todd was in a great mood, grinning all night, voice in great shape. Kasim very cute with his one-legged kick (broken ankle) to CIJTY. Whole band had fun. I was expecting heavy guitar but this was a great setlist and all the better for being a surprise. Loved it!

Tea B. said...

Hello. Am I the only person who heard the guy in background, at the very end? Editing please. Aside from that, totally amazing.
Tea B.