Monday, October 6, 2014

live in cyberia dvd available

Brand NEW " Live in Cyberia" DVD available to pre-order ONLY from the Toddstore ! We will have it up later today !
Pioneering musician/composer/producer/innovator Todd Rundgren built
the world's first interactive music system and then launched a tour in which
no two concerts were alike and audiences were an integral part of the show.
This disc features the October 7, 1994 show from London (previously issued
in limited quantities as 'Live in Cyberia'), which includes "Bang the Drum All Day",
"International Feel" and "Property", among other favorites, perfomed from
the Todd Pod, or, what the New York Times called "a high-tech playpen."
There are also two complete interviews from the period, footage of an
in-store CD-i demonstration from Chicago, a photo gallery, and other features.

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