Tuesday, April 28, 2015

30 yrs of Todd on Letterman

thanks Wil Raasch for bringing this to my attention

The best compilation that can be made with what is on youtube. This is in honor of TR's 16th and final appearance Monday April 27th 2015. Here are all 9 previous musical guest performances + 5 sit ins with the CBS orchestra (This is missing the most recent 2013 salesmen rainbow suit occasion). Wish more of the sit ins were made available to us. Love in Action and Soul Brother are a bit quite. If your going to watch one go with Want of a Nail @ 11:11 - Enjoy

Love in Action 
Want of a Nail
The Waiting Game
Change Myself
Yer Fast
Hello its Me
Soul Brother


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this! Wonderful to see Todd coming out, playing and singing like he owns the joint!


Winston Smith said...

This is remarkable. Great job compiling.

ma4utopia said...

peace and harmony again...

From 23rd said...

There has never been any question that TR`s legacy on Letterman, record, or stage was at issue.
It has been the last two albums and tours that split the "worshipers" from the more skeptical (I`m sorry - "haters").
If anyone can "heal" us again, Todd can do it. But I hope he takes time and thought before he rushes out "product" again.

Anonymous said...

For true fans of Todd, change is all we understand. But that is off
topic. This compiler did a top notch job of reminding viewers that Dave has been a fan since his college years. Clearly Paul & the World's Most Dangerous Band could record with anyone they want, but chose TR to produce their album. Shaffer could always have his pick of stand ins. Don't think anyone had that chair as often as Todd & rightfully so.
Thanks Wil for caring & sharing

Anonymous said...

Is this Todd's final appearance or Letterman's final appearance?

From 23rd said...

Letterman is leaving sometime soon to be replaced by Steven Colbert (who may or may not have TR back at some time).
I haven`t had a television for a decade so this is all largely a rumor to me.

Anonymous said...

Hey THIS is cool. I never saw all of these on TV or YouTube.
Glad someone took the time. Skipped through & want to watch all soon.
Thanks Wil & MA.

Anonymous said...

I thought Colbert had TR on his dead to me list or something or was that Jon Stewart? I haven't watched ANY network TV in a looong time. Or even TV. You can watch your favorite series online, without commercial interruptions.

Anonymous said...

It was Colbert, following Todd's previous bad decision joining the Cars.

Anonymous said...

You can bet this was another bit of scuttlebutt. Seeing as original Cars leader/songwriter Ric O. was/
is tight with Col-bear they drummed up the 'feud' with Todd in order to create more BUZZ about the tour. That way Ric might make more money while staying off the bus.
The new NEW CARS 'single' at the time "Not Tonight" was far far better than the stuff the reformed CARS did a couple years later. In addition, it was obvious the New Cars were a way better live act than the originals before or since. I'm pretty sure Colbert would be glad to have TR on the new show any time. Mr. Fallon is a fan & with an album with The ROOTS in the works there will be plenty of Todd on TV & elsewhere. I'm glad for Todd's many aspects. Global will be a great outdoor show on a summer night. Can't wait to be in the pit. Everybody !

Anonymous said...

That's politics. Be seated.