Thursday, April 2, 2015

sneak peek of Soothe from the new Global cd

Todd Rundgren returns April 7 with Global, his 25th solo album and first since 2013′s State.
And we have an exclusive premiere of the song ”Soothe,” which offers fans an early glimpse of what Rundgren promises is “a contemporary fusion of styles — rock, soul and electronica.” The album is now available for pre-order at iTunes and Amazon. You can listen to the song below.
Rundgren’s latest solo effort arrives weeks before the May 5 release of Runddans, a collaborative album recorded with Lindstrøm and Serena-Maneesh’s Emil Nikolaisen; as Pitchfork notes, that project consists of “one 39-minute track that’s broken down into 12 different parts.”
On April 10, Rundgren will embark on his latest tour, which will see him traveling the U.S. with a small combo consisting of DJ Dam-Funk and a pair of background singers. Check out the complete list of dates, as well as the full Global track listing.
Todd Rundgren 2015 Tour
4/10-12 Park City, Utah
4/14 Colorado Springs, Colo.
4/17 North Kansas City, Mo.
4/19 Little Rock, Ark.
4/21 Milwaukee, Wis.
4/22 Chicago, Ill.
4/23 Grand Rapids, Mich.
4/25 Pittsburgh, Pa.
4/26 Northfield, Ohio
4/28 Buffalo, N.Y.
4/29 State College, Pa.
5/03 Boston, Mass.
5/05 New York, N.Y.
5/06 New York, N.Y.
5/08 Verona, N.Y.
5/09 Plymouth, N.H.
5/10 Norfolk, Ct.
5/12 Ridgefield, Ct.
5/14 Alexandria, Va.
5/17 Annapolis, Md.
5/20 Atlanta, Ga.
5/22 Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.
5/23 Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.
5/26 New Orleans, La.
5/27 Houston, Texas
5/28 Dallas, Texas
5/30 Las Vegas, Nev.
5/31 Tucson, Ariz.
6/02 Solana Beach, Calif.
6/03 West Hollywood, Calif.
6/06 San Juan Capistrano, Calif.
6/07 Napa, Calif.
6/09 Grass Valley, Calif.
6/10 San Francisco, Calif.
6/12 Portland, Ore.
6/13 Seattle, Wash.
Todd Rundgren Global Track Listing
“Flesh & Blood”
“Earth Mother”
“Global Nation”
“Terra Firma”
“This Island Earth”

Read More: Listen to Todd Rundgren's New Song 'Soothe': Exclusive Premiere |


from 23rd said...

Allow me to be the first to say that this is more like it, but really would only qualify as an out-take from an earlier era.
It`s very nice but compared with anything from Healing or Ballad the only verdict can be that it`s autumnal.
Before the "hater" haters start in on me, let me repeat that no one in his sixties can recapture the feelings of his twenties. Those days - for everyone - pass irretrievably.
I love every moment I spent watching Todd live and listening to his albums, but it`s time for us old-timers to move on.
Thank-you, Todd, for everything. You were enormously important to me once upon a time. I even liked swaths of reProduction because they echoed days gone by.
Now, with respect and love, I`m saying good-bye.

Winston Smith said...

It is closer to a true Todd sound, but still a little tired. It would sound better with a big organ sound like Beloved Infidel rather than the cheap Casio keyboard it sounds like our hero is playing. A man would simply have to be as mad as a hatter to buy this Global platter.

from 23rd said...

Before the exorcists begin their litany, I ask that they compare this to even the more recent "signature" songs like "Stood Up" and "Courage" and ask themselves - seriously - how well this holds its own.

Winston Smith said...

Stood Up was some kind of catchy. Really quirky song structure with great TR vocals. I listened to Soothe again and it won't wear well - very pedestrian. Maybe he has lost it. I sure hope not, as nothing would be better than a batch of killer Todd tunes. The apologists defending the recent poor Todd products really know better. To be Todd fans in the first place they know great music when they hear it. They just don't want to admit our hero seems to be a spent musical force.

Anonymous said...

Soothe is decent. It's better than either ping me or something from nothing from state. Still, I think soothe would be a lot better had Todd done it on piano instead of a synth.

oddToddlyenough said...

Wow, I wasn't expecting that.
I thought it was beautiful and touching.

dtopia said...

Soothe is an emotional song that I think anyone can relate to and to apply to their own life experiences.
It can mean so many different things to each individual who's listening.
This song could have appeared at any time in Todd's career.
Well done.

Harry Jones said...

I'm not going to compare Soothe to anything in Todd's storied career.
I listened to it today as a song from today; something new...
Simple (in a good way), heartfelt, and compassionate vocals.
Made me think of my daughter and I when she was a tyke all those years ago... I felt my eyes moisten a bit.
Bravo, Todd

Anonymous said...

Almost has a "Don't Hurt Yourself " vibe.
Strong vocals and lyrics.
I hope Global is a warmer outing front Todd, and I'm very curious what songs will be performed on the tour.
I'd rather have a band obviously, although with a DJ the potential variety is limitless.

LINO said...

It 'a song of a stellar beauty who did not listen to the days of 2nd Wind, if everything was so global, but global nation laughed and left me puzzled ..

Gerdy said...

A new album, plus a huge tour. Life is awesome because of Todd ! Looking forward to a ski weekend in Park City plus three nights at the Egyptian. Hope my cd's arrive soon.

Let the shows and the good times begin. Thanks Todd.
Can't wait to show time !

Anonymous said...

LINO, what the heck are you trying to say?
Makes no sense...