Monday, June 1, 2015

Reggie B to replace Dam Funk as the DJ for remaining Global Tour


DiscConnected said...

I meant to leave a comment last week-having seen the Tucson show, my streak of never having been disappointed by a live show continues.

While one gentleman said it was his favorite show since the Utopia shows (not sure if he meant the four piece or the recent reunion), I would not go that far-but it was far more enjoyable than the State live show, with a lot of energy.

It was comical that the performers were jumping up and down (the signers got airborne, and TR did not do so badly for a Medicare-eligible), but a lot of the audience had canes and walkers.

All in all, a fun time, and for my money, both the Global album and tour were well worth the investment. And go figure....Global still makes it into my player every few days.

Winston Smith said...

I saw the show at the Birchmere. The lights were good, the girls were gorgeous, and Todd was in great voice.

On the minus side, this is an awful set list. The audience, the ones like me that didn't walk out, was speechless.

Hope this nonsense pays the bills and gets TR closer to a better tour.