Monday, July 20, 2015

Toddstore Mystery Box offer

In case you missed it yesterday ! For a very limited time ..Toddstore Mystery Box !!
Good Morning and happy Sunday !
As a special Thank You to all of our amazing customers / Todd Fans , we are offering for a limited time only ..a Toddstore Merch Mystery Box !!
The box will contain over 100.00 worth of Toddstore goodies from the past few years including 1 shirt , 1 dvd , 1 cd , TR guitar picks , a piece of Toddstore jewelry ..and a couple other little Toddstore items from our archives !
You will choose Size and Ladies or Men ONLY !
NO SPECIAL REQUESTS for certain items ! No returns or complaints because you didnt get what you want !
We promise to fill your box with Toddstore happiness will feel like it's Christmas in July !
wink emoticon
Toddstore Mystery Box is 40.00
All items will ship Priority Mail in the U.S. for 13.00
International Shipping is 20.00
Email us with any questions before you buy !
Thank You !!

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