Thursday, July 24, 2008

24 hrs a day Rundgren Radio introduces Rundgren Radio 2 !!www.rundgrenradio2.comYou have to download the ubroadcast player to listen. Download the "player" not "station". Once you've dowloaded the "ubroadcast player" and then opened it up, click on "Stations" on the bottom left corner. Next, just follow this pattern ... Independent Talk/Non-Music Broadcasters => Business => B2B => Rundgren Radio II An interview will pull up and start playing! They are set randomly now so you never know what you're gonna get. Some of the older ones are poorer quality but they all should be good enough for a listen. Hopefully ubroadcast will add more features so listeners will have more options like skipping to the next interview, etc. If you don't like the interview you are listening to, just exit out and open the player back up and a new interview should be there.To save yourself the trouble of having to go through the same process of finding the right station, when you get to the actual show be sure to click on the "Favorites" icon and then look in the top right corner for a yellow star and click it to add the show as a favorite. When you return you can just go to Favorites instead of hunting down the show the other way.This ubroadcast system is currently in a beta stage so there can be some headaches in dealing with it. If it works like it's supposed to, it is something you will enjoy thoroughly. Warning: It can be addicting!THE CURRENT UBROADCAST PLAYER DOES NOT WORK ON MAC UNLESS YOU HAVE VIRTUAL PC INSTALLED! Send an e-mail to to ask them to make the player Mac compatible!OVER 50 interviews have been uploaded including ones from 1972 all the way up until 2008!

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