Tuesday, July 22, 2008



Sorry for the delay. I'm headed to the post office tomorrow to ship some Toddleheads! All of them aren't ready for shipment but I'm trying to get them out this week.

The reason it's taking so long is because I am carefully inspecting each and every one before it's put into the shipping box. Unfortunately, a lot of them have failed inspection due to issues like chipped paint or facial dents and other weirdness. So, the Toddleheads are going to be extremely rare. The merch folks tried to ship 48 to Austin and the bobbles arrived in horrible condition and were tossed in the trash. When this is all said and done there may only be about 250-300 of them that are actually presentable.

The good news is I will have enough to ship to all of the folks who bought them from me. I am working overtime to make sure your Toddleheads look good and are as secure as possible. I will be doing some very minor touch up on some of them and if this is a problem for you then please let me know and I'll refund your money. You shouldn't be able to tell if I did some touch up on your Toddlehead, but I don't want to mislead you into believing these haven't been doctored some because most of them will be. The company that made these did a poor job of making sure they were built to last. It's a sad situation but the ones that survived look really cool. I wish things would have been better but it was out of my hands as far as the manufacturing went. I'm going to see what I can do about getting some money back from them and will give it to the Rundgren's if it works out.

Thanks again for your patience and understanding.

Shine on!


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