Monday, October 6, 2008


October 6, 2008 Fun and music at the B.R. Cohn Fall FestivalJ.M. Berry Sonoma Valley Sun

The threat of rain and the actual occasional shower didn't dampen the enthusiasm of the near-capacity crowd Saturday, as the sun peeked through the clouds at near-perfect weather for the kick-off of the 22nd year of the charity concert.

The Turtles have to be one of the most fun rock acts playing today, with a show that borders on a circus act. The repertoire ran the gambit of '60s rock classics, including the handful of hits they had during the day, intertwined with joking about their ages and generally poking fun at the '60s.Up next was Todd Rundgren, and we're not sure that the laid-back winery crowd was prepared for what was going to hit them. Rundgren and band hit the stage in all black with a full-blown hard rock assault that included many of his past hits and a large chunk of his new album, which will be released this week. Playing guitar the entire set, Rundgren assumed every "rock position" known, and even a made up a few new ones, all while laying down shredding guitar riffs.Kris Kristofferson's turn was next and using only guitar and a harmonica, he captivated the crowd's attention with his thought-provoking lyrics and classic vocals. Many of his songs harkened back to the '60s, with themes about ending the war and social injustice. The American legend seemed to be having a great time on the winery stage, laughing and smiling throughout his set.Wrapping up the show were perennial favorites the Doobie Brothers, who were absolutely polished and in mid-tour form as they laid down favorite after favorite in true Doobie Brothers style. Front man Tom Johnston was very enthusiastic on stage, running right out to the crowd with his wireless guitar, getting everyone pumped up and into the music. The brothers closed the set with the classic "Listen to the Music" that had the whole crowd singing along.Sunday's show, which also features the Doobie Brothers and the Turtles and adds Dave Mason and Robert Cray to the bill, was sold out.

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