Sunday, October 5, 2008

XM radio...Oct.6 10-11:00 pm deep tracks channel

Todd Rundgren's "Arena" World Premiere 40 Deep Tracks 10:00 PM to 11:00 PM (1 hr)

It's Todd Rundgren's first studio album in 5 years, "Arena." It is a guitar-based concept record inspired by the movie "300," in which a small group of men had to face an invading overwhelming army. They knew they would most likely die, yet undertook their mission with a sense of duty and courage. Todd used that to compare our leaders of today. He says it is up to all of us to hold our leaders accountable and take actions in our daily lives to improve the world we will leave for our children. Catchy, guitar-based, the album is being hailed as Todd's best music in decades. Normally, he doesn?t talk directly about songs, but he feels this is too important, and will actually share his meanings and intentions. He'll also recount a few amusing stories about 3 of his most beloved past songs.
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Anonymous said...

This is the Todd record I have been waiting for! I loved the 70's guitar-based music Todd did like "A Wizard, A true Star" and "Todd". Looks like the recent Cars and solo tour with only guitars - no keyboards! - has inspired Todd to get in practice again! This f*%ker rocks! Hope the tour comes to Minneapolis!! RaveOn!!