Thursday, January 1, 2009


Just some quick info on the gig for those who missed it ---

Todd and the band really seemed to be having a great time. The setlist was pretty much the same but there were some differences. They started with "Couldn't I Just Tell Ya" and the other non-regular setlist songs were "Black and White" (Kasim played bass on that one), "Auld Lang Syne", and believe it or not .....

"Hello It's Me"

The entire Arena album was played except for "Mercenary". Don't know why.

Packed house. Todd told everyone to dance on the floor area in front of the stage and then all hell broke loose . He clearly loved it and so did a lot of the folks there.

Happy New Year everybody!

From Doug @ who put together the NYE show

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Scott Sheppard said...

Todd skipped "Mercenary" to get back on schedule. He wanted "Today" to be the first song he played in 2009. They played the computer-generated intro, counted down from 10, and then performed the rest of the song.