Thursday, January 22, 2009

RundgrenRadio updates

Show starts at 8:30pm ET

Michele returns tonight and will be on the webcam again!

Also on tonight's show we may be making an announcement that Kasim
fans might want to hear!

Ed Vigdor on 1/27 and yes we will be asking him WTH is taking so long
on the Toddstock video .

Prairie Prince on 2/3.

John Ferenzik, Greg Hawkes, and Roger Powell will all be on a show on
2/10. Keyboards Special!

Jesse Gress on 2/17 (tentatively scheduled)

Mary Lou Arnold on 2/24 (tentatively scheduled)

Eric Gardner on 3/3 (tentatively scheduled)

John Siegler on 3/10

And ... we found David Mason -- the Utopian keyboardist not the
guitar player! Working on getting him on a show which would complete
our goal to have every single Utopian on a show.

1 comment:

Chuck said...

Very cool list of upcoming shows. I'll be especially interested in the keyboard shows, since I play a vertical one :-)