Sunday, April 26, 2009

official announcment on Todd myspace page AWATS live

Sunday, April 26, 2009
A FIRST EVER performance of A Wizard, A True Star
"Sometimes," Todd Rundgren sang, "I don't know what to feel." But sometimes you do know what to feel. And right now I feel like saying what I've contended for many years, which is that Rundgren's A Wizard, A True Star is simply The Greatest Album Ever Made.

You heard me right, pardner. Better than Pet Sounds. Better than OK Computer. Certainly better than Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Farts Dub Band. An album of vaulting ambition – of wizardry and true stardom – released into an unsuspecting world by a contrary, super-precocious wonderboy who should have been the biggest thing to happen in the '70s but who was just too complex and polymorphous for lasting pop success.

A Wizard, A True Star came out 35 years ago but still sounds more bravely futuristic than any ostensibly cutting-edge electro-pop being made in the 21st Century. A dizzying, intoxicating rollercoaster ride of emotions and genre mutations, the album was substantially the work of Rundgren himself, pieced together in late 1972 at his own Secret Sound studio on NYC's West 24th Street.

(An except from a an article written by Barney Hoskyns for Mojo magazine March 2003)

You can be a part of music history on Sept 6th 2009 at Akron Civic Theatre. Todd will be playing A Wizard, A True Star in its ENTIRETY! Wahooo! For details go to A Wizard, A True Star LIVE!!!!!!

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Kevin said...

I'm on the list of those attending and can't wait. Well, I've waited 36 years. Another few months should be a piece of cake!
Really, who'd have thought we'd ever see this happen? Thanks to all who played a part in putting it together.
And thanks, Todd, for an(other) album that has really stood up over those years.