Wednesday, March 31, 2010

todd interview tomorrow morning

Todd Rundgren interview tomorrow on at 8am ET!

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karen borbone said...

this comment is regarding the show , last night, apr. 2nd, bergen county. my youngest son (14 yrs old, an avid guitarist) was the youngest fan there. he has been listening to my todd songs in the car since birth and loves jeff beck and jimi hendrix, but has been so inspired by todd's writing and voice. i've always told him the great "concert stories" of the past , halloweens, central park, long island. and he just wishes he had been there. we did have tickets to go up to woodstock last year and see todd, but had a snow storm and gave the tickets to a local b&b owner. the johnson stuff is very nice, however, if you didn't notice, at least 30% of the place walked out 1/2 into the show. my son wanted to stay in hopes that he could hear some "todd" tunes and enjoyed the finale. one last victory or love is the answer would have really topped it off for him. what todd must realize is that he is "living on" in young blood and my son is a perfect example of that. there are the few who can carry on the "real" gift that todd brought to the music world. we have some right here in montclair, nj. kasim was awesome as ever and todd certainly still has it. we were amazed at how beautiful his voice still is. next time, maybe morristown, nj, we would love to hear some good old concert hits, love is the answer, dream goes on forever, utopia hits and where were the keyboards? all in all, we could have had a little less of the johnson stuff and much more "todd and some utopia" stuff. thanks for your time.