Friday, April 2, 2010

set list

this may not be complete and the order as of now is incorrect but these songs were played last night

is there nobody else but you
lights out
black maria
open my eyes
mystified and broke down and busted
unloved child
went to the mirror
Kiddie Boy!
Hamburger Hell!
Black Maria!
soul brother
Tiny Demons,
Born To Synthesize,


Jeff Tidwell said...

OMFG - Black Maria?

Jean's Global Village said...

This sounds FABULOUS! Can't wait for Our Hero to bring this show to the "Chubby" Bear North!

Anonymous said...

He played "Black Maria", "Open My Eyes", "Number One Lowest Common Denominator" (!), and a weird jazz tune to the lyrics of "Born to Synthesize".

Lots of obscure Todd-only stuff, and a good deal more Nazz ("Kiddie Boy" and at least one other I don't recall the title of but definitely recognized). He did also toss in AM-pop "I Saw the Light".