Thursday, August 26, 2010

in a nutshell....

TR had some interesting revelations on RR this week. (Thank you Doug and Mel again for promotion, the unique concerts and, for us -the hard core fan- the most interesting/informative interviews).

Info here:

If you missed the interview here are some highlights (my understanding of them):

- TR to produce Donny Osmond's next record.

- Fantasy record: He plans to recreate songs from records he has produced (other artists I think); pre-produce/record most/many of the songs, then have fans help make final recordings/overdubs. (Bobby Strickland, Larry Tagg, Prairie Prince may be involved too).

- TR may work on his new, original songs in (the summer?) of 2011

- Touring is hard: he's rethinking about being on the road so much. My interpretation: perhaps one venue for multiple nights (like Hollywood Bowl this summer), or Internet concerts, or you fly to him??

- A few surprises are planned for the Todd/Healing tour (costume changes may not as frequent, TR may play some keys)??

- A webcast is planned for Keswick,PA Todd/Healing show

- DVDs: Arena (HD Net – Boulder Fox Theater), AWATS and Toddstock DVDs are planned for release (Toddstock very soon). Arena's DVD house lighting is/was problematic; audio has now been remixed/improved. AWATS will be the `best of' edited from 5 shows. Also, there is a chance all 5 AWATS shows will be made available.

- TR's Johnson has a new distribution deal via Sony - hence the delay in the US/Euro? release. (Aust. and NZ have different distribution).

- TR is contemplating a recording project with his fav female singers

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