Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tons of updates from RundgrenRadio crew

Lots of updates and exciting news going on in the Todd community!

v Todd Rundgren will be our guest TONIGHT on Rundgren Radio! The show starts at 8:30pm ET and you can find the LISTEN link on the left side menu on RundgrenRadio.com. David Skye from Shout Records will also be calling in, time allowing, to discuss future official bootleg releases like the new Todd Rundgren For Lack of Honest Work 3 box CD .

We will also be discussing the yes or no answer to the question we’ve been asked over and over again J --- “Will any of the shows be available for webcast like AWATS”? Find out tonight!

v The popular 80’s band the Fixx have been added to the lineup for two of the Todd/Healing concerts this September! They will be openers for the St. Louis concert on 9/10 and the Indianapolis concert on 9/11. Please note the St. Louis concert start time has been moved to 7pm. Cy Curnin, lead singer of the Fixx, will be a guest on RundgrenRadio.com for a special show on Sunday August 29th at 2pm ET!

v If you are out of the loop on Todd’s tour this September, he will be performing both the Todd and Healing albums live in their entirety! There are only 6 opportunities to see one of more of these special shows. More information is available at


The official tour shirt with artwork created by super longtime Todd fan Bill Bricker of Toddata.com is available now at the Todd Store:


v If you are considering a trip to see any of these concerts, super Todd fan Jill Mingo has put together a charter bus for fans to get from one venue to another for a few of the shows. For more info visit:


v Tickets are still on sale for the Roy Firestone interviewing Todd Rundgren event being held in Philadelphia on 9/13/2010. If you’re planning on going, here is the link for buying tickets:


Roy has informed us that he has worked behind the scenes to prepare for this event including talking to Patti Smith, Daryl Hall, Michele/Rebop/Ruth Rundgren, Kasim Sulton, and more. Plus, there will be audio and video played on the big screen during parts of the interview. And, get this --- there will be a guitar on stage! What happens with said guitar is anyone’s guess.

v One of the Todd/Healing concerts will be held in Muskegon, MI and the World Premiere of the Toddstock movie will be held there the night before at Carousel Cinema and will be followed by a party. Todd will be in attendance at both and all party attendees will have the opportunity to have a professional photographer take a photo of them with Todd & Michele (photo can be purchased online for only $5)! More info on this event, including how to get tickets, can be found here …


Limited seating and sales are going well so don’t delay on this one!

A Toddstock Movie poster will be available for sale at the RundgrenRadio.com Birthday Bash III in Akron, OH! The poster is limited to only 400! This will be the only place to get the poster so if you are not attending you may want to hit up a Todd fan friend that is going to get you one of those beauties. Check it out on our home page at RundgrenRadio.com. You can also see a Toddstock movie trailer video on the home page!

Speaking of parties, if you are going to the Todd Rundgren concert in Akron on 9/5, you are invited to the RundgrenRadio.com Birthday Bash III on 9/4 beginning at 7pm in the ballroom at the Akron City Centre Hotel. The event will be loaded with approximately 500 Todd fans and there will be plenty of audio/video/live entertainment as well as some snacks and delicious/unique cake! The event is FREE! Please register to attend if you plan on going:


v RundgrenRadio.com commissioned the super Lego Todd video maker to add another one to youtube! Check it out at:


Todd will be touring in Australia and New Zealand for the first time ever! He will also be visiting Japan! Check out all the tour dates on our Todd Rundgren Tour page. Todd’s latest album, Todd Rundgren’s Johnson, has already been released in New Zealand and should be available in the States and other areas soon.

v The My Record Fantasy camp we discussed in the last newsletter is set for January 17-19 and they have informed us that a press release will be out any day now announcing what kind of album Todd will be doing during this camp.

RundgrenRadio.com is trying to send someone to this camp via a Scholarship Drive and you can help! For more information, please visit …


v Please don’t forget, we are always looking for more photos to add to our fun galleries. Check them out and see if you have any photos you can contribute …


v Michele Rundgren’s new business venture is up and running. To find out more check out,


Todd will be participating in one of the classes FYI!

v And last but not least, we want to thank super longtime Todd fan EJ Haas from Rundgren’s Hot Toddies again for building our new and improved website!

Thanks everyone for your support!

Doug & Melinda

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