Thursday, October 21, 2010


The Video On Demand (VOD) of the Todd Rundgren Todd/Healing albums show in Glenside, PA at the Keswick Theatre has been updated including an audio remix. If there is one Todd product you buy this year this needs to be it! For only $19.95 you can see this fantastic concert online and the video/audio is superb. The VOD also has bonus footage of the Toddstock Movie Premiere Party and some of the interview featuring Todd and Roy Firestone. The viewing cutoff date has been moved out to somewhere around November 10th so there’s still plenty of time left to watch it multiple times and if you love those albums you will want to see it over and over again. The site is Rundgren Radio does not get any of the proceeds from the sale of the VOD so if you are skeptical of our recommendation it’s time to let that go and purchase this incredible piece of art.

Another video of interest is the Toddstock Movie that is now available at Long time Todd fans Ed Vigdor and Bill Chapman did a great job putting this together in a way that makes the viewers feel like they were there even if they were not. You can see Todd and Michele explain the reasoning behind the event and there’s even some behind the scenes concert preparation for the Arena album live premiere. Rundgren Radio highly recommends this top notch informative and entertaining video.

Last night we aired the annual “Best of” show featuring fan picked audio clips from each of our guests from Rundgren Radio’s 3rd year. You’ll get to hear from the likes of Todd & Michele Rundgren, Moogy Klingman, Kasim Sulton, Prairie Prince, Cy Curnin, Thom Mooney, and many more! The archive is now available for your listening pleasure.

Paul Myers book, “A Wizard A True Star Todd Rundgren In The Studio” is hot off the presses and is now being shipped by The reviews have been extremely positive!

Todd has added 3 new “Todd Rundgren’s Johnson” gigs in the USA in December to include New York, Chicago, and Las Vegas. Check out our Todd on Tour page for more information. Rundgren Radio is attempting to present "Michele Rundgren and The Savages" in Vegas the night before the Todd gig if we can find a venue. If you have any Vegas venue connections please contact us ASAP!

Speaking of Todd gigs, he will be doing a FREE one in Bloomington, IN on Halloween night. It’s going to be a unique solo show and is part of his professorship deal at Indiana University. For more information, visit …

Todd is on a roll in the education department as he will also be a guest lecturer at Artist Vortex this November. Artist Vortex is Michele Rundgren's new company. Check it out at .
Our RR merch partner,, has a BRAND new site! Grand Re-opening special in addition to the current sale prices, you can take an extra 15% off a $50 purchase this week using coupon code NEWLOOK. A few new Rundgren Radio items will be listed soon including two of the rare but popular RR robes :-)!

Kasim Sulton will be performing in Joplin, MO this Saturday for the benefit for Animal Adoption and Resource Center tickets on sale or donations can be made at This charity event was put together by Rundgren Radio’s chat room comedian Mark Woodin. Please support this event if you can.

Kasim will be performing live at Maxwell's in Hoboken, NJ next Saturday the 30 th. Tickets are still available at . Kasim will also be performing live on Dec 4th at The Record Collector in Bordentown, NJ. Tickets are still available at

Kasim is still taking submissions for his next CD cover. You can find all the details at

We received some great news recently concerning our MyRecord Fantasy Scholarship Contest. As you may recall, Roy Swanson’s name was drawn at the Rundgren Radio B’day Bash III and we let him know we raised enough money to send him for at least one day of the three day camp. Well, as luck would have it, the CEO of Gigatone, Mitch Koulouris, decided to comp us the difference in what we raised and what we needed for Roy to attend the full 3 days! Roy will be our onsite musician reporter the entire camp as Todd creates his next album! Congratulations Roy and all the fans that are interested in hearing day by day reports during this special event!

Our friend Greg Hawkes who we all know and love from the New Cars, AWATS, and Todd/Healing tours has been holding out on us until now. The Cars are working on a new studio album and you can get a preview of it right now at …. .

A special thanks from us to all the fans that attended any of the Todd/Healing concerts! You rock!

And last but not least, our friend and webmaster EJ Haas is having a birthday tomorrow. Happy Birthday EEEEEJ!

See you on the road to Utopia,

Doug and Cruisermel

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