Tuesday, October 26, 2010

TV GIRL samples Todds Hello its me

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Chillwave Hipster Builds Career On Stealing Todd Rundgren Song26


Come on Pitchfork. Get the fuck outta here with that shit. They recently reviewed a song by the San Diego band TV Girl called “If You Want It” that samples totally rips off the Todd Rundgren classic “Hello It’s Me.” P-Fork wrote: “Sampling Todd Rundgren is a pretty ballsy move, but San Diego’s TV Girl manage to pull it off.” Pull off? WTF? What the heck is there to “pull off?” There isn’t one ounce of originality on this song. I mean, it’s almost as bad as critics claiming how brilliant Puff Daddy’s rip of this song was. The Todd rip aside, I do like the some of the other tracks on TV Girl’s EP which you can download for free here. I’ll give em points for being a Todd fan, though. Below, listen to the TV Girl song via P-Fork and then go and clear your head and listen to the original “Hello, It’s Me.”

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Anonymous said...

Hope it becomes a big hit so Todd could get the revenue from the blatant use of his material