Saturday, October 30, 2010

Video: Multi camera "spark of life"

Todd Rundgren - The Spark of Life - 2010
upped on youtube by dnoragon


Bob Merc said...

Whomever is posting these youtube vids...reduce the width of the player to 425 and it will fit in the space you have much better ;)

Anonymous said...

Jessie Gress Esquire
Here we see how a superb technition can express soul.
Even a neophite could grasp the overall concept... Todd alone in his Head/Studio and layering his inspirations with aspects of his
instrumental voices. Each performer relaying the original intent with prowess,conviction,and FEEL. But self restraint must stop the billowing rage. Tiz better (for some) to create an Lp's worth

From: CIRCLE H to: The H BOMB