Saturday, November 13, 2010

Rarities from an old release on cd

posted by UrbanGuerilla88 on youtube.
mad men and machines

Jesse (live)

Call From The Grave & Four In One & Mercy Mercy

Umbrella Man & Special Interest & God and Me


Christine Bottaro said...

WoW!! :-) Thanks for sharing these "rarities".

Anonymous said...

The first song is actually titled "MAD MEN AND METAL MACHINES". It's a song that was recorded for Adventures In Utopia and features a Willie Wilcox lead vocal. I believe it made it onto a test pressing of Adventures In Utopia, but it was (for whatever reason) left off the album. Cool song!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure all Utopia fans know this, but for those that don't....UMBRELLA MAN was recorded for Adventures In Utopia but only made it out as a b-side to the SET ME FREE single. SPECIAL INTEREST was recorded for the Swing To The Right album but was only used as a b-side to the ONE WORLD single. GOD AND ME was also recorded for Swing To The Right and was included on a test pressing of the record, but was left off the final product.

Anonymous said...

JESSE is the obvious stand-out piece here. Could've been like George Carlin's "7 WORDS"...
Allerting the masses to a fertle mind.The shock gets attention, that spreads to the body of work. Since that did'nt happen in 'Jesse's' case, I suggest we foreword this to folks who thought
Rundgren was too much like ABBA.
And equally to those who felt he was too much like ZAPPA. From: Circle H to: the H BOMB