Sunday, November 7, 2010

Video: multi camera Healing part 1 from PPV


Christine Bottaro said...

Beautiful!! :-) Love this song and Vid. Thanks. xo

Anonymous said...

Bobby BOBBY ! What Sympathetic,
passionate "reading" and improvisation. Your grand children will pass this on. Noone I'd rather
see on these remarkable tours. Lovely man,with a charming wife.
You always floor me when you perform. Why not come to Greendale with your arsonal of "weapons of mass inspiration" ?

Anonymous said...

THEE REED MAN. I agree with previous post.STRICKLAND is the perfeck fit. wailing on Un-Loved Children or the subtleties of this piece. His dancing at the WIZARD shows of '09' Let's don't fer-git
Love Science. Todd has the strongest most flexable, well knit outfit I have ever seen. The 4 guys
on keyboards was a sight as well.
Bravo, ENCORE !