Sunday, December 19, 2010

Video: M frog Labot band singing Todd's "Im in the Cliche" ..

upped on youtube by Rax42Ay

Jean Yves Labat a.k.a. M.Frog (early Utopia: the one with Hunt and Tony Sales), James Agnello on guitar (For Shake's Sake), John Earl Dennis a.k.a. JED on drums (The Mumps, Virgin Records' 2-Timers), and Larry (?) on bass. Jean Yves' initial name for the band was "Guillotine" but we later changed it to "Labatomy". The video was recorded in Todd Rundgren's video studio while still housed at Bearsville about 1979-80. Jean Yves wears his customized backpack "synthi". J. E. Dennis built the guillotine prop.
T. Rundgren recorded the sound track with Utopia and gave it to Jean Yves for his use. TR's solo album "RUNT" contains an almost identical song : "I'm In The Clique". Jean Yves Labat wrote new lyrics and subsequently made this video of "I'm In Between". Appeared on French TV at least once. Jean Yves' wife, Elan Parks, is seen crawling out of the bass drum.
Incidentally, Andrew Loog Oldham was producing The Werewolves' second album at Bearsville when the money ran out. Bobby (the drummer) had to leave his kit behind and those are the drums used in this video.
Dig the paper bag trick and Jimmy walkin' on his guitar strings!

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