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3 Exciting "New" Items To Be Released on 1/31/11 Oblivion CD/DVD...POV CD W/Bonus....Redux '92: Live In Japan cd /dvd

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The album oblivion saw Todd Rundgren, Kasim Sulton, Roger Powell & Willie Wilcox strike out on their own, funding the recording themselves and in the process producing an album of startling originality. Featuring such classic tracks as Itch In My Brain, Cry Baby, Love With A Thinker And Winston Smith Takes It On The Jaw,Oblivion Was One Of Utopia’s Finest Later Albums.

The concert video Live At The Royal Oak was shot in Detroit towards the end of utopia’s tenure with Bearsville records and saw the band in fine form. The DVD includes superb renditions of Utopia classics such as One World, Caravan, Love In Action And Lysistrada.

In this set the DVD element is completed by the inclusion of the 1983 promotional video for the single release of Cry Baby from the album Oblivion.

Itch In My Brain / Love With A Thinker / Bring Me My Longbow / Ifididnttry / Too Much Water / Maybe I Could Change / Cry Baby / Welcome To My Revolution / Winston Smith Takes It On The Jaw / I Will Wait

Pov was the final studio album by Todd Rundgren, Kasim Sulton, Roger Powell & Willie Wilcox. Following on the heels of Oblivion, the album retained the usual qurikyness & musical excellence associated with Utopia. Featuring classics such as Zen Machine, Mystified and Play This Game, this new edition includes three bonus tracks taken from a rare single b-side and two songs recorded in 1986 for the utopia compilation trivia. The reissue also includes an essay with an exclusive interview with Todd Rundgren.

Play This Game / Style / Stand For Something / Secret Society / Zen Machine / Mated / Wildlife / Mimi Gets Mad / Mystified / More Light / Bonus Tracks : Man Of Action / Fix Your Gaze / Monument

Following the release of the album Pov in 1985, Todd Rundgren, Kasim Sulton, Roger Powell and Willie Wilcox disbanded Utopia. Seven years later the group were coaxed out of mothballs to undertake a tour of Japan, during which the band recorded a live album at a concert in Tokyo on 10th may 1992. The concert was also captured by a video crew resulting in a live DVD release which accompanied the live album the following year. Despite a seven year hiatus, Utopia was in fine form.

The album and DVD include fine renditions of classics such as the Ikon, Swing To The Right, Love In Action, Hiroshima, Caravan, One World, Fix Your Gaze and The Last Of The New Wave Riders.

Fix Your Gaze / Zen Machine / Trapped / Princess Of The Universe / Abandon City / Hammer In My Heart / Swing To The Right / The Ikon / Hiroshima / Back On The Street / Only Human / Love In Action / Caravan / Last Of The New Wave Riders / One World / Love Is The Answer

Behind The Scenes / Fix Your Gaze / Princess Of The Universe / Hammer In My Heart / Back On The Street / Hiroshima / Love In Action / Caravan / Last Of The New Wave Riders / One World / Love Is The Answer / Just One Victory

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