Monday, January 17, 2011

Video Test kit 1978

ive posted this before, long ago. So here is a repost of the 1978 Video press kit. Todd created this to show off his new Video studio. todd built the studio with the money he earned from the Meatloaf album Bat out of hell.


Anonymous said...

Bean dancing...awww!

I think this was my favorite Todd era--he looked so good, his music was so poetic and beautiful. Not into the violent bitter songs that came later.

DiscConnected said...

I wish Rockpalast would release their Ra footage-I missed that tour, and I'm thinking that the Ra set may be a bit much for RR B-Day bash 2011....

Anonymous said...

Addressing anyone who feels like
Anonymous ABOVE. Seems an odd perspective. Everyone is welcome to
their opinion ~ The reasoning is faulty at best.Hiroshima might be misconstrued as a violent bitter song. Strikes me as very purposful
and beautiful, as it's an artistic expression of horror & warning. It comes from this era when 'he looked
so good'. We're all maturedsince 78
physically. Todd has never lost his mental edge or poetic approach.

His output may scan better if seen as novels. Well drawn charicters & aspects of life's experience. The over-riding sense of all TR music is HOPE. Last Ride - Sons of 1984
Tables Will Turn - Womans' World
AND more humor throughout to balance the abrasive. After all he's only human & it don't help to panic !
Circle-H to the H-Bomb

Anonymous said...

Anonymous ONE, if you are still listening after your favorite ERA
Simply make your own GreatestHITS
CD & leave it at that. Be nice to me & Blue Orphious,Etc. Take along
Courage & forget Bleeding. There has always been a wacky/wonderful
WIDE~wavelength~ w.TR. If you cannot identify with certan TOONS
You've likely led a very charmed
life, or are only looking for
the less complicated mix. Where does the time go ?


Anonymous said...

The albums as novels idea makes sence. Each song a chapter. Not always ment to be linear,but tied up in the end with Just One Victory
Mighty Love,Love My Life,The Surf Talks,Fever Broke,etc. Can't ANON-
ONE see Everybody else is wrong &
Love is the answer ?

Fair Warning from Greendale