Sunday, January 9, 2011

Info: Golden Goose bus for March's Todd/ Healing Tour

Here's the deal for the Golden Goose!

The following info about the bus can only be done if I have a firm commitment of 20 riders for one of the FULL RIDE options below. That commitment MUST be made before Jan 25th as I have bus deposits to put down, flights to book, tickets to will all of you. If you join the bus, you have to then travel back to wherever you I presume most everyone will be like me and must plan this pronto.

These prices are steep because it is being priced for only 20 riders. If we were to get more than those, I can adjust the price accordingly. But from what I know, I don't think there will be much possibility of more than 20 people doing this, and perhaps not even THAT many. And if that is the case, the Goose cannot fly.

LET ME REPEAT....THIS BUS IS NOT CONFIRMED. I need your feedback and commitment to decide whether or not to do this. I cannot afford to fund this bus. But I am happy to coordinate everything to make it happen...if desire is there.

Here are the options....please reply to if you are interested in flying on the Golden Goose bus!


FULL TRIP - starting from beginning after Hartford and finishing at Columbus...$375 per person

Trip starting after Boston show....$350 per person

Trip starting after Red Bank show....$275

Trip starting after Toledo show and returning to Toledo!!! So it's a return journey for those who want or need it (same price either way) $50.


People wanting a one way journey from hartford to Boston...$30

People wanting a one way from Boston to Red Bank... $50

People wanting a one way from Red Bank to Toledo $225 (same price whether or not they return to Toledo)

People wanting a one way journey from Toledo to Columbus. $50. Return $55

IF I can get 20 people to commit to any of the full trip options, we can do that trip. One way riders commiting will help make it happen so if you can commit to that, let me know. I will need the pledge before Jan. 25th. I will need full payment before Feb 15th. So that way everyone will know by Jan 25th IF we will be having the Golden Goose fly again! And people can book flights and hotels accordingly!

Jim should be driving us too!!!
Thanks and hope to see you guys on the Road to Utopia soon! (like NYC!!! HOORAY!!)


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